Deep Learning Resources

Best way to learn DL from scratch in 2018

There are more and more amazing resources that make Deep Learning more accessible than ever. A few years ago, it would be extremely hard to find a good introduction that doesn’t overwhelm you with a gigantic list of prerequisites. Now, you don’t need eleven PhD’s to get started. If you know python — you can start training your first ANNs in a matter of days, and get quite comfortable in this field in a few months.

This is a collection of the best resources that will help you get started, that assumes no prerequisites other than basic understanding of Python.

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

If you are unsure about your python skills, I recommend getting started …

Deploying Mastodon on Digital Ocean

Mastodon is the new social media platform, a decentralized alternative to Twitter that is currently blowing up. This is a step by step guide on how to run your own Mastodon instance on Digital Ocean.

Set up a Droplet

Create a new docker droplet:

This droplet has almost everything we will need preinstalled.

You will receive an email from DO with the credentials you can use to log in to start setting up the server.

Connect to the server as a root user, using ip and password from the email:

ssh root@[ip-from-email]

You will be prompted to change the default password, so do that.

Then create a new user with the username you like, and grant him the sudo powers:

adduser ray
gpasswd -a ray sudo

Connect domain name

Let's also immediately point your domain name to the droplet …

Expected Utility

Imagine I offer you a gamble. I will spin the wheel that looks like this:

And you win the amount of money that it will choose. If it hits a negative number you owe me that much. Should you play or not?


Value Arbitrage

This is an extremely useful idea that I've learned just recently. In fincance, "arbitrage" means buying and selling things in different markets to take the advantage of difference in price. Like buying a toy in India for $15, and then selling it for $25 in the US.

Turns out, you can arbitrage not just products, but also information, knowledge, skill, or even human relationships.

For example, let's say you have met two amazing people who don't know each other. When you introduce them to each other, you generate a massive amount of value for both of them essentially out of nothing - you have given each of them a gift of knowing someone great.

Another example, is arbitraging information. Eliezer Yudkowsky have learned a lot about rationality and human biases from the books he has read, and then parlayed it into …