What is the best SEO web software to use?

There are different kinds of software for different purposes.

There’s keyword research tools, rank tracking tools, competition analysis tools, backlink building tools, on page SEO plugins, etc.

Most of them have free tiers that you can use for free, and if you’re doing SEO just for one website, it’s most likely that you will not need to pay for any of them:

  • Use google’s keyword tool + common sense for keyword research(and you can look up 2 promising keywords per day for free with KWFinder).
  • Use Majestic and Moz for competition analysis.
  • Use ProRankTracker for keyword tracking.
  • On-page SEO is best to do manually, and then use SEOSiteCheckup to make sure you’ve optimized everything the best you could.
  • For backlink building you do not need any software, it’s much more efficient to find someone on Freelance or Konker to do that for you.

All of these tools offer plenty of free functionality, you absolutely do not need “All in One” toolkit to get started, especially if you’re not offering SEO service and just trying to rank one website. Once you see the results with free tools — buy the premium versions for convenience as needed, or don’t.

Until then, I recommend spending most of your budget on buying backlinks and social signals, because that’s where it matters most.

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