What is the meaning of difficulty level for a keyword in SEO?

The difficulty of a keyword depends on how much competition there is for it.

Basically, if there are a lot of high authority websites spending money on SEO for a certain keyword, you won’t be able to compete with them. That’s why you should look for long tail keywords with low competition, but high search volume.

To determine keyword’s difficulty, type it in google, and analyze the websites you see on the first page. Use Majestic to look at their most powerful backlinks, and use Moz to check their domain and page authority. Or you can use more expensive tools like Kwfinder to do that for you.

If the domain of a search result has more Domain Authority than your website, and more powerful backlinks, and the keyword you’re targeting in the title — that means it will be difficult to compete with it.

If there’s no exact match keywords in titles, or the top results have weak DA and backlinks — that means that nobody is trying to rank for this keyword, and you can easily do that yourself.

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